We care about others and care about the planet

United States

United States

We contribute to local charities in need, including the Ronald McDonald House in New Haven, CT and have donated product to the first responders during COVID-19. We are always looking for ways to help out.



We focus on rural empowerment for women through our relationship with Neev and also on helping those with disabilities through our partnership with MESH.

Our Planet

Our Planet

Organic ingredients are used to make our natural products. Only solar power is used for the production of our soaps at Neev. There are no pollutants emitted as a result of our production. All of our packaging is recyclable or biodegradable.

How are we helping the women at Neev ?

  • Over 50 rural women have found dignified employment with Neev
  • Young girls are able to finance their higher education.
  • Mothers are able to afford a good education for their children.
  • Extra income ensures availability of health care and healthy food as well as maintenance of their mud homes.
  • There is an increased sense of self-esteem and confidence amongst the women.
  • The women have gained tremendous respect from others in this village community.

How are we helping those at MESH ?

  • Our orders are supporting MESH in their efforts to gainfully employed those otherwise considered unemployable.
  • MESH is providing opportunities for disabled people and their dependents, especially those affected by leprosy, to be rehabilitated in order to become self-sufficient.
  • MESH is providing fair wages to its artisans.
  • There is an increased sense of self-esteem and confidence amongst the women.
  • Disabled people are producing goods suited to their capabilities, and feeling more confident in their abilities.

And of course we care about our customers

Customer Testimonials

I just tried this bath bar and would highly recommend it. It creates a nice lather and scent in the shower. It left my skin feeling very clean and soft, not dry. I can still smell the scent several hours later. It’s a pretty neutral, fresh scent, which I like because i’m not a fan of soaps or deodorants that have too strong of a fragrance.
It’s a great product for facial skin and especially for cleaning pores! Loved the fragrance and the feeling of being totally clean and fresh! It is an excellent product for those with oily skin as mine.
Love love love this soap. The smell is just amazing. I’m sure it’s all natural oils and they’re generous with the quantity that they use. It makes me and the whole shower smells so good after I use it and so very moisturizing.
I also have another one of their products – lemongrass soap. Again the smell is amazing and it’s really moisturizing.